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Money20/20 Announces Launch of Money20/20Europe

Money20/20Europe Designed to be a Eurocentric Global Catalyst Enabling Payments & Financial Services Innovation for Connected Commerce (Read More
ATMIA Press Release: ATMIA releases ATM Cash Replenishment Best Practices 
ATMIA Press Release: ATMIA calls for changes to Reg II

SIOUX FALLS, SD, September 29, 2014.  The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) announced today that it has released a new paper titled “An Industry Discussion: Should changes be made to Reg II in order to increase competition between payment networks?”  ATMIA has growing concerns that competition between payment networks is eroding due to the unintended consequences of the Durbin Amendment – both with how it was implemented and how it impacts EMV migration in the U.S. (Read More)
Money20/20 Announces the ‘Money20/20 Hackathon’

Teams to compete to build FinTech applications for a $125,000 prize pool and the chance to present to an audience of thousands. (Read More
World’s First International Certificate for ATM Operators Awarded to Amy Coulson of Pueblo Bank & Trust, USA (Read More
SIOUX FALLS, SD, June 23 2014.  The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and Tremont Capital Group have released the “U.S. ATM Industry Overview”, an updated version of the ATM Deployer white paper first published in 2010.  This comprehensive report begins with a review of the ATM industry’s history over nearly five decades.  And with the exception of 2006 – 2007, it’s remarkably steady growth. (Read More)

ATM Industry Association Adds New Legislative Monitoring Service

May 12, 2014, Sioux Falls, USA – The ATM Industry Association has expanded its already robust regulatory and compliance monitoring service that includes Regulation Alerts and Compliance Profiles, to encompass new legislative monitoring for 11 states. The new service, called iStateLink, reports on a broad array of relevant topics including; ADA, surcharges, signage, licensing, taxes on fees, government assistance, availability of funds, overdrafts and interchanges. (Read More)

IAD Survey Updated and Revised,
Includes Clarity for Easier Understanding 
(Read More)
Survey Indicates U.S. IADs Remain Optimistic Despite a Myriad of Challenges Including EMV Migration and Reductions in Interchange (Read More2014 IAD Survey Report

PAYe® Global ATM Pay-In-Pay-Out Network: The Future ATM is Here

Wilmington, Delaware – PAYe Network, the world’s first and only global electronic funds transfer (EFT) network to offer a universal cash ‘pay-in-pay-out’ solution with access to over 1 million ATM and POS cash point locations, is introducing the PAYe USA Network at the ATMIA U.S. Conference 2014: Reinventing the ATM, Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL February 11th through the 13th. (Read More)

ATM Innovation Showcase to Feature The Federal Reserve Bank & NACHA

SIOUX FALLS, SD & HURST, TX undefined Speakers from The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and NACHA-The Electronic Payments Association will head up the ATM Innovation Showcase lineup during the ATM Innovation Showcase February 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon during the 2014 ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) U.S. Conference in Orlando, FL. (Read More)
ATMIA releases members-only risk assessment report for migration
from Windows XP to Windows 7 OS

London, UK & Sioux Falls, USA– January, 2014 –The ATM Industry Association has announced today the release of its report analysing the risks of not properly preparing for the migration from Windows XP to a Windows 7 OS following Microsoft’s end-of-support for XP in April this year. (Read More)

Open Market Flexibility For ATM Routing Choices Imperative For EMV Migration

ATMIA Calls for National and Regional Networks to Collaborate on a Common Solution

Orlando, FL, December 11, 2013 – ATMIA has issued a position paper urging payment networks to work collaboratively with ATM deployers to retain open market flexibility in making routing choices.  EMV migration is more complex in the United States where multiple networks exist and further confusion has resulted from court rulings on the Durbin Amendment. ATMIA retained Tremont Capital Group, Inc. (www.tremontcapitalgroup.com) to conduct a thorough analysis of routing choices. (Read More
ATMIA Announces Multiple Translations of Best Practices for Preventing ATM Gas & Explosive Attacks

ATMIA has announced the translated publication of its Best Practices for Preventing ATM Gas & Explosive Attacks into five languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese). In addition, the Italian version will be released in November 2013. (Read More

NPCI named as ATMIA's first India Regional Sponsor

ATMIA is pleased to announce that it has concluded an agreement with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) who will be Regional Sponsors in the newly established ATMIA India chapter. NPCI will promote ATMIA’s interest in the sub-continent which is the world’s largest democracy and one of its fastest growing and most promising economies. (Read More

Billtrust To Integrate With Ariba

Company to Connect to Ariba Network to Increase Speed, AutomationAnd Visibility in the Billing and Payment Process

HAMILTON, NJ – (October 8, 2013) – Billtrust, the leading outsourced billing services provider, today announced plans to connect its Invoice Central solution to the Ariba® Networkmaking it easier than ever for companies to drive a completely automated and secure invoice and payment process. Once integrated, buyers and sellers will be able to offer direct invoicing and remittance processing between the Billtrust billing solution and the Ariba® Network, and drive increased speed, automation and visibility in the billing and payment process. (Read More)

Hurst, TX and Sioux Falls, SD– September, 2013 - IPayments Forum (IPF) and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) jointly announced today the formation of the Integrated Payments Alliance, formerly known as the ATM Acquirers Alliance. (Read More)  

On September 26-27, in Moscow (The Marriott Grand Hotel, Tverskaya Str., 26/1) there will take place The 8th International Conference «Bank Cards and Payment Technologies 2013»organized by The Association of regional banks of Russia (ASROS) and the company «Finance Media». (Read More)


The ATM Industry Association today released a new white paper outlining the strategic options for traditional FIs facing the rise of mobile payments in the evolving Apps-based economy. This white paper presents various strategic options for FIs facing potentially “disruptive” competition from non-bank players. (Read More)
ATMIA & Kahuna Release In-Depth IAD-Focused EMV White Paper

BLOOMINGTON, IL & SIOUX FALLS, SD undefined As the staggering amount of losses attributed to card fraud attest, it's not difficult to copy or skim data from a magnetic stripe and create a duplicate card that can be used at an ATM. (Read More) 

For those following the progress of the EMV Migration Forum (EMF) and other industry groups, it is well known that creating an EMV debit solution that addresses Dodd-Frank/Durbin requirements has been an ongoing priority. Although routing choice requirements do not apply to ATM transactions, the final solution will have an impact on ATM operators. ATMIA is leading the effort to ensure that the ATM industry’s needs are part of all discussions as we seek a common solution. (Read More

ATMIA publishes results of 2013 ATM Innovation Survey

June 2013

London, UK & South Dakota, USA & Cape Town, South Africa – ATMIA today announced the publication of the results of its first international ATM innovation survey. The survey aimed to determine the most important ATM innovations in recent times and in the anticipated future, including rating value-added services over and above core ATM functions. (Read More)


5 Good Reasons to Support the U.S. ATM Industry Defense Fund

SIOUX FALLS, SD undefined The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) announced today it has set out five urgent reasons to support the ATM Industry U.S. Defense Fund: (1) U.S. EMV migration, (2) further reductions in interchange, (3) (Read More) 

ATMIA Launches new “Cash Lives” Video for Social Media

London, UK & Sioux Falls, USA– May, 2013 –The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, announced today the global release of its new “Cash Lives” video to be used in online social media. (Read More)



SIOUX FALLS, SD, May 9, 2013.  The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) today announced the availability of a new service for U.S. Chapter members that provides compliance monitoring and regulatory alerts, for all 50 states and Washington, DC.  (Read More)


ATMIA & Kahuna Release Future of ATM Interchange White Paper

BLOOMINGTON, IL & SIOUX FALLS, SD undefined Independent ATM deployers (IADs) throughout the United States have seen ATM-transaction revenue steadily decline over the last 10 years. Market saturation, increasing competition with surcharge-free ATM networks, cash-back debit options and increasing operational expenses resulting from more stringent regulatory and security mandates have all taken their toll. (Read More)


The ATM Industry Association and IPayments Forum launch WikiATM.com

SIOUX FALLS, SD and NEW YORK, NY, April 5, 2013. ATMIA and IPayments Forum have launched WikiATM.com to act as a repository of global ATM data. The purpose of WikiATM.com is to create a definitive body of knowledge on all aspects of the ATM and to promote cross-channel integrated payments with the ATM serving as the hub for financial self-service retail delivery. WikiATM.com will act as an industry best practices portal with members only access. Participation is open to all industry professionals but they must be registered as a member. (Read More)


ATMIA Re-files Amicus Brief in the proposed MasterCard/Visa Card Settlement Case

SIOUX FALLS, SD and NEW YORK, NY, April 3, 2013.  The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) today announced that it re-filed its amicus (“friend of the court”) brief in the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York on Friday, March 29, 2013, in opposition to the proposed class action settlement between merchants and MasterCard/VISA.  ATMIA restated its argument that the language of the agreement is so broad and vague that it might be construed to include ATM deployers, even though the original claims were made by merchants engaged in the sale of goods or services. (Read More)


ATMIA Publishes Best Practices for Preventing Mobile Banking Fraud

South Dakota, USA & London, UK – ATMIA today announced the publication of a new best practice manual for preventing mobile banking fraud, with special reference to applications linked to ATM systems. (Read More)


ATMIA Publishes Best Practices for ATM Integrated Payments

February 2013

South Dakota, USA & London, UK – ATMIA today announced the publication of a best practice guide aimed at the new era of ATM Integrated Payments and Customer Experience made possible by extended functionalities and converging technologies in the payments space. (Read More)

ATMIA announces the second round of its Global ATM Benchmarking Study

February 14 2013 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) and Value Partners Management Consulting (Value Partners) have announced the second round of the ATMIA’s global ATM benchmarking survey for ATM operators, both banks and independent ATM deployers. This benchmarking service was successfully launched and executed across 2011 and 2012 with participation from over 40 top tier ATM operators from across the globe. (Read More


ATMIA Publishes Best Practices for Preventing Cash Trapping

South Dakota, USA & London, UK – ATMIA today announced the publication of a new best practice manual for preventing cash trapping at ATMs. Due in part to the success in addressing many types of ATM fraud, cash trapping, a type of ATM crime that goes back many years, has been reinvented and is currently on the rise again in some parts of the world, including Europe. (Read More)


National ATM Council Urges President Obama to Sign Fee Disclosure Bill into Law

JACKSONVILLE, FL undefined ATM deployers received some good news from Capitol Hill late Tuesday when the Senate passed H.R. 4367, a bill amending the Electronic Funds Transfer Act and revoking the placard fee disclosure requirement that has spurred frivolous lawsuits against U.S. independent ATM deployers (IADs) and financial institutions across the nation. (Read More)




The EFTA announced late yesterday that "The Senate this afternoon approved the House-passed bill (H.R. 4367) to end the ATM dual fee notification requirement under Regulation E. The bill now goes to President Obama's desk for signature into law. H.R. 4367 becomes effective upon the President's signature." 

This is great news for our industry and should eventually eliminate the most egregious source of frivolous lawsuits for ATM owners, operators, and deployers.  However, until the Bill becomes law, it will be necessary to remain diligent about compliance with the current regulations.  New lawsuits will still be possible for infractions that occur prior to the pending changes.

Initial efforts began in July and involved a broad coalition that included ATMIA, EFTA, ABA, ICBA, CUNA, NAFCU, and others.  The EFTA press release made special mention of the hard work done by Cardtronics (and Ben Psillas and Mike Keller in particular) on behalf of ATMIA and EFTA.

Our thanks go out to all who were involved in this very successful effort. 


David Tente

ATMIA USA Executive Director



SIOUX FALLS, SD and NEW YORK, NY, November 2, 2012.  The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) today announced that it has filed an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief in the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York, in conjunction with other opponents of the proposed class action settlement between merchants and MasterCard/VISA.  ATMIA contends that the language of the agreement is so broad and vague that it might be construed to include ATM deployers, even though the original claims were made by merchants engaged in the sale of goods or services. (Read More)


Global Fraud Survey 2012

Please take five minutes of your time to fill out this short survey. It will identify current fraud threats which ATMIA can analyze with a view to writing best practices and taking other appropriate industry action to help reduce these threats.

Take the short Global Fraud Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9L2SKF8

You will stand a chance of winning a $100 cash prize voucher if you complete the survey by 12 noon on Tuesday November 13th. Your name will be entered in a draw.


ATMIA receives reassurances from PCI Council

October, 2012 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK– The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, announced today it had received a confirmation that the PCI Council’s new ATM security guidelines are intended to be best practices, not standards (Read More)


ATMIA publishes Global Cash Compendium

October, 2012 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK– The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, has published a global cash compendium to provide comprehensive information on the rising international demand for cash. (Read More)


ATMIA publishes Best Practices for Managing Anti Money-Laundering at ATMs

September, 2012 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK– The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, has published its long-awaited best practices for managing anti money-laundering. (Read More)


ATMIA publishes Contactless ATM Best Practices

September, 2012 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK– The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, announced today the publication of new best practices for accepting contactless payments in ATM systems. (Read More)


ATMIA Publishes End-to-End Encryption Best Practices

September, 2012 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK– The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, announced today the publication of new  End-to-End Encryption best practices for all ATMs. The manual shows step-by-step how to encrypt communications between an ATM and its host.  (Read More)

The National ATM Council Asks U.S. Senate Leaders Reid and McConnell to Support Prompt Passage of Bipartisan Legislation to Eliminate ATM Fee Sticker Requirement (Read More)
OptConnect and ATMIA Establish Donation Agreement to Help Increase Funding Towards the ATMIA U.S. Defense Fund

KAYSVILLE, Utah & SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota July 13, 2012undefinedThe long-term partnership between OptConnect and ATMIA has led to an agreement where OptConnect will make a generous financial contribution per wireless unit ordered through the ATMIA website towards the U.S. Defense Fund. Having an adequately funded ATMIA U.S. Defense Fund will enable ATMIA to employ the right professional resources to actively work for the benefit of the industry with lawmakers and other organizations including the Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve Board and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (Read More)  

House Passes H.R. 4367 (ATM Signage Bill)

Moments ago, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed H.R. 4367. The Bill passed by a vote of 371 to 0. The issue now moves on to the Senate. (Read More)


EMV Readiness Survey

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released the results of a member and industry committee survey on market readiness for the impending migration to EMV cards in the U.S. Results indicate a general uneasiness about industry preparedness, as well as uncertainty about the potential benefits of EMV migration. The survey was answered by a broad cross-section of the industry, from financial institutions and Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) to service providers and network processors. (Read More)

ATMIA's EMV readiness survey USA 2012 

HFSC Unanimously Approves ATM Signage Bill

If you were not already aware, the House Financial Services Committee did pass H. R. 4367 yesterday, which will eliminate the unnecessary and duplicative dual ATM fee disclosure requirement, if it becomes law.  The measure was approved unanimously by voice vote, with no amendments. (Read More)


The National ATM Council Unveils New Website and Files Reply Comments with the CFPB to Eliminate Harmful ATM Fee Sticker Requirements

Jacksonville, FL, June 11, 2012 - The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC), the nation’s leading trade association representing U.S. independent ATM providers, unveiled its new website this week.  The NAC has also filed reply comments with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in Washington supporting the CFPB’s proposed elimination of the duplicative and ineffectual ATM fee posting regulation.  (Read More)


ATMIA Releases “Cash Connects Us” Video

June, 2012 – Sioux Falls, SD, USA and London, UK– The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the only global non-profit association for the ATM industry, announced today the global release of its Cash Connects Us video to be used in online social media. Press Release


View Cash Connects Us Video

ATMIA secures US Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin for “The Power of ATMs”

ATM Signage; IRS Merchant Reporting; Protect IP Act (Action Requested)

ATMIA and Tremont Capital Group Conduct Business Impact Study of Interchange Changes

ATMIA and Tremont Capital Group Publish Comprehensive ADA Guide


The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), a global non-profit trade association, and Tremont Capital Group, one of the nation’s leading consulting firms specializing in the ATM industry, have announced the publication of a new comprehensive guide analyzing the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) relative to the ATM industry. 


Tremont Capital Group’s endorsed study explains the intricacies of the highly technical regulations that go into effect in March 2012.  The guide was primarily designed for Independent ATM Deployers (“IADs”), formerly known as ISOs, but is equally relevant for financial institutions, manufacturers, and all other vendors to the ATM industry. (Read More) 

Kahuna Issues Special Report on Challenges Facing ATM ISOs; News Release

New Banking Risk Survey Results on FICO Blog

Who is the Prepaid Consumer? 

June 2011

Innovation and a challenging economy redefine the prepaid consumer.

by Lori Breitzke 

As prepaid products and services have developed from simple calling cards to stored value cards with payment mechanisms, the profile of the prepaid consumer has changed. If you thought you knew the prepaid market, think again. Innovation in technology in tandem with a difficult economy has redefined the prepaid consumer. Read on to learn more about why consumers of all ages and ethnicity are gravitating to prepaid cards. (Read More) 

International Payments Forum (IPF) announces the formation of the ATM Integrated Payments Standards Forum

  Press Release March 22, 2011

The ATM Integrated Payments Standards Forum (IPSF) has been organized by the ATM Industry Association’s International Payments Forum and is comprised of a voluntary group of payments industry experts to publish industry best practices recommendations for enabling integrated payments through the ATMs. The IPSF will develop an open standards based approach to achieving broad acceptance of alternative and nontraditional payments through ATMs. Areas to be addressed include software and hardware considerations, determining appropriate financial services for ATMs, and how to support new payments applications such as mobile and card-less transactions. The aim of the initiative is to bring together the key industry stakeholders and develop best practices standards for message and communications protocols, security and compliance, mobile and card-less transactions, and use-case recommendations.

Interested parties should contact us at admin@ipaymentsforum.com.

About ATMIA: The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is a global non-profit trade association with over 2,100 members in 60 countries. Our mission is to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide, to protect the ATM industry's assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations.

About IPF: The International Payments Forum (IPF) is a financial services industry online community. The IPF is a member managed resource that is available online to the public and also has members only access to premium content, forums and working groups for information sharing and exchange. The IPF is a financial services outreach initiative under the auspices of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), a global non-profit trade association. 


A four part series by Susan Matt and Marilyn Kilcrease

When the sponsoring FI fails, what’s next? 
What’s Your Disaster Plan? Warning Signs That Your bank is in Trouble 

Calling all Payment Call Centers: Registration and PCI Guidance 101

The Fed's Final Debit Rules: Did Anyone Win?
Fed Memo on Debit Regulations
Fed's Full-Length Report on Debit Regulations 
FFIEC Releases Supplemental Guidance on Internet Banking Authentication
Federal Reserve Board/Durbin Amendment (Read More)
FinCEN Proposed Rule Seeks Greater Transparency for Prepaid Access to Help Curb Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing (Read more) 
FinCEN Prepaid Access Proposed Ruling 
Gift Cards: Federal Reserve Board Issues Final Regulation E Amendments (Read more) 
Legislative & Regulatory Alert – Durbin Amendment Challenged (Read More) 
Financial Education Council
The Financial Education Council (FEC) was created under ATMIA to help keep its members informed on issues that are on the periphery of the ATM but could impact their interests, and to give them a forum to participate and have a voice in the regulatory process. The FEC is not a government relations or lobbying group, as these areas are already covered by the ATMIA Government Relations Committee. The FEC works with the other ATMIA committees to develop communications campaigns and reach out to other industry associations in order to cooperate in developing educational materials, such as best practices and tutorials. The FEC seeks to educate government and consumers on how the payments industry works and to advocate consumer financial literacy and the benefits of market driven diversified financial services. (Read More)
ATMIA completes the second round of its Global Benchmarking Study for ATM Operators
ATMIA publishes updated international best practices for ATM Operating Software

Mobile Banking for Generation Y – Revenue Generator in the App Economy


What is the difference between an iphone and an ATM?


Latest Digest from ATMsecurity.com


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and Diebold


An Effective ATM Strategy Considers a Multi-layered Approach

Preamble to ATMIA’s US National 2010 Communications Campaign
The events of this year in the ATM industry in America, culminating in the intense opposition required in the public and political domains to prevent the Harkin Amendments from being included in the “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010”, have exposed an education and knowledge gap between the ATM industry and regulators, as well as between independent ATM deployers and various card brands. (Read More) 
ATMIA and Tremont Capital Group Publish New ATM Industry White Paper 
The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), a global non-profit trade association, and Tremont Capital Group, one of the nation’s leading consulting firms specializing in the ATM industry, have announced the publication of a new industry white paper analyzing the business model of the off-branch ATM, which now dominates the U.S. ATM market. Tremont Capital Group’s new endorsed study concludes that any further interchange rate reductions by networks or any legislation restricting deployer profitability would severely constrict convenient consumer access to cash. (Read More)
IPayments Forum: Building the Foundation 


A. Lyle Elias
IPayments Forum Chairman


As the first ATMIA President, I have had the privilege of being part of overseeing the building of an international industry association from the ground up. The experience taught me that the seeds we plant today will bear tomorrow’s fruit. Building an association does not happen overnight nor does it grow by itself. It is the participation and contributions of its members that builds the foundation for a strong association.

In much the same way creating and promoting an online community forum requires buy-in on the part of visionaries and the support from their respective organizations to build the foundation for creating an industry forum that will be a valuable resource to its members. We appreciate the great input that what we have received from our members and we look forward to working with our supporters in making www.ipaymentsforum.com a best-of-breed payments industry information portal.

As most of you know by now, what started out as the ATMIA Debit Council and then the Electronic Payments Forum has now become the International Payments Forum. The reason for makeover is due to input from our members and in our wanting to better project the mission and focus of the group. The new expanded mission is to be international in scope and to focus not just on electronic payments, but on all forms of payments including cash, checks and loan instruments.

I hope that you will join us in making the International Payments Forum and the IPF Portal’s 2010 debut another ATMIA success story. The coming year will include many substantive outputs, including industry best practices and security initiatives that will address important challenges facing the payments industry. We will also continue our ongoing outreach initiatives to other non-profit associations and online forums in order to share and disseminate relevant and timely information about issues that affect the payments industry.

Please take advantage of our complimentary offer for a one year premium subscription by going to www.ipaymentsforum.com and registering as a Member Subscriber. There are no IPF Membership fees; however we do ask your assistance and would greatly appreciate your help in contacting the right people in your organization in marketing and media relations. We are always looking for quality content and sponsorship partners.





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